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Top tips for a great house cleaning experience in Brisbane or the Gold Coast

When using Totally Houseproud to professionally clean your home, there a few handy tips to assist your cleaner in achieving peak efficiency and productivity around your property.

By doing a few pre-clean checks, which can be as easy as moving items off the floor to allow easy access, you will have more cleaning done in the time you have booked.

Here is some helpful advice to ensure you get maximum value for money:

It’s a good idea to get the whole family involved in a fun “clearing the decks for the cleaner” routine, saving time for your professional house cleaner (and saving you money!). Follow this up by having everyone in your family put away their possessions in their rooms. For example get children to pick up their toys and games and put away. Have teenagers return dirty dishes to the sink etc.

Stop spills and leaks by keeping all your cleaning products, natural solutions and cloths in a bucket. It keeps them organised and let’s your Totally Houseproud cleaner quickly move from one area to the next effectively. It also insures against spills on your carpet or sofa.

If you don’t have any purpose made cleaning cloths on hand, any old soft, absorbent cloth (such as used t-shirts or singlets) is perfectly acceptable and helps your cleaner leave a shiny, sparkling surface on stainless steel sinks, taps and ceramic basins.

After so many years in the business we at Totally Houseproud realise that although our clients usually want a good general clean, every house and every client is different.

Rotate regular house cleaning tasks

Depending on the time allowed for your clean, your Totally Houseproud cleaner will normally tackle the bathroom, kitchen and floors as a priority.

But you may have special areas in your house that you wish to draw attention to and would like to give preference to. For example, your outdoor eating area; children’s hand marks or dog’s nose prints on a glass door; the window above the sink; the baby’s highchair.

When listing your preferences think about having some areas cleaned on a rotational basis, so you get the most from your house cleaning service. For example, unused bedrooms and bathrooms may not need to be cleaned, vacuumed and mopped every visit. Some of our clients request that certain jobs be done monthly and rotated.

Make a list of your special priorities so that your cleaner knows in what order to do the jobs in your home.

Use the Brisbane & Gold Coast Cleaning Professionals.

These tips can help making sure your place is clean and tidy, and more importantly, manageable.

Of course, keeping your house in order with a deep clean, or a regular service can make the difference to how you spend your free time, and how much time you have for your friends and family.

When you want and need your place looking professionally clean, spotless, and absolutely sparkling, we are your Brisbane and Gold Coast house cleaning specialists.

Knowing all the tricks and tips of the trade, Totally Houseproud is always happy to manage the entire cleaning process for you!

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